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Song for a Girl

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For the first time as a band, Trees Without Faces has a (*gasp!*) deadline!

I know, scary. March 29th, I think. That’s Anna’s birthday. Anna is this girl who Matt wants to write a song about; he’s actually been meaning to get around to it for a while. We’ve actually started on it already, we have a structure and a feel. But Matt has just now begun the lyrics and I don’t know if Colby’s even in the loop at all. The worst part is that the song needs to be written, recorded, mixed, and slapped out on a CD by her birthday, and that means I’m gonna have to lug my drums all the way to CBC and set up all the crap to make them sound good. But I also have to go buy new heads for them, another thing I’ve been meaning to getting around to doing. Plus, with Matt’s work schedule, getting it recorded at all is gonna be a challenge. We’re really gonna have to work overtime.

In other news, it’s Friday the 13th. Again. Whoopee.


Written by Drew Wellman

03/13/2009 at 12:36 AM

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