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40 Things

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40 Things that are harder to do while receiving a blow-job:

  1. Land a helicopter
  2. A job interview
  3. Advanced handwriting analysis
  4. Taxes
  5. Beat Ocarina of Time
  6. Sell fresh fruit
  7. Prove Fermat’s Last Theorem
  8. Rescue a child from the bottom of a well
  9. Install Linux
  10. Give a cost-benefit presentation for your company’s upcoming retreat
  11. Steal a car
  12. Portray Macbeth onstage
  13. Win a spelling bee
  14. Pass a physics exam
  15. Resolve a copyright dispute on YouTube
  16. Lecture your children on the dangers of drugs and alcohol.
  17. Preform triple bypass surgery
  18. Narrate a wildlife documentary
  19. Run a marathon
  20. Return a defective DVD Player
  21. Watch 12 Angry Men
  22. Put out a blazing fire
  23. Construct a ship in a bottle
  24. Write the next great American novel
  25. Annihilate a horde of zombies
  26. Stand on the street corner advertising for Little Caesar’s
  27. Engage in a Mac vs. PC debate
  28. Prepare blowfish sushi without leaving any poison
  29. Achieve Nirvana
  30. Protest against PETA (not with)
  31. Grill Burgers
  32. Get away from the cops
  33. Talk to Verizon customer service
  34. Conduct an orchestra
  35. Win a game of poker
  36. Repair the International Space Station
  37. Film a wedding
  38. Stop, collaborate, and listen
  39. Interrogate someone
  40. Make a list

Written by Drew Wellman

05/11/2009 at 11:51 PM

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