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A Movie, A Video Game, A Web Site, and A Restaurant That Do NOT Suck

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I’ve obviously got plenty of bad things to say about stuff, but what about the good? I mean, obviously not everything sucks, or else there’d be nothing to compare it to and we’d have no Vantage Point (tee hee) on its quality at all. So to combat the recent trend of pro-negativity in culture, allow me to provide an example from each of the classes I have torn apart in my sucks series that stands out, not for its foulness, but for its amazing ability to please me and just about no one else.

Life of Brian

No matter what yomcat says, this is currently my favorite film. I just find it funny enough to warrant audible guffaws, sometimes accompanied by tumbles on the ground.

Runner up: The Dark Knight

Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door

I honestly can’t see any other game replacing this as my favorite. I could go on and on about the clever humor, the genuinely intriguing characters, the marvelous story, the impeccable level design, the sheer immersion, and… oops, I guess I just did go on.

Runner up: Half-Life 2


I really love Dinosaur Comics. A lot. I guess I just like humorous writing combined with the efficiency of comic format. Of course, I don’t know if it really qualifies for this section. If it did, then I probably should have put Ctrl-Alt-Del on the sucks list. So for the tie,

Not Always Right

Call me smug for feeling superior to the customers featured on this site for my high IQ and ability to read, but I never get tired of stories about people trying to fax cash.

Runner up #1: Something Awful

Runner up #2: MacHeist

Texas de Brazil

Ohmygoodnessohmygoodness. I cannot overstate how incredible this restaurant is. Seriously, I’ll try. “Texas de Brazil is the most frequently prescribed treatment for erectile dysfunction and regularly brings Chuck Norris to tears.” Still not enough to describe how great all-you-can-eat best-meat-of-your-life is.

Runner up: Charlie’s Restaurant in Hilton Head, SC for some damn good Cobia.

Congratulations to all the winners, make sure you pick up your complementary gift baskets on the way out.


Written by Drew Wellman

09/07/2009 at 5:10 PM

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