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Window 7 Student Pricing

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So I was frolicking through the interwebs when I found this story on Microsoft’s deep discounts on Windows 7 upgrades for students. People with an .edu email address, like myself, are able to buy Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade for $30 US, a suspiciously close price point to Snow Leopard’s.

And while it is only available for students, the actual OS does not appear to be any different than the full version, and can be used to upgrade either Vista or XP. While the article speculates that the intent of this discount is either to net Mac/Linux users or, more likely, to get current PC users to upgrade, I think that it is actually a move to combat piracy. I haven’t done extensive research, but of the students at my school, the ones who have torrented Windows is roughly “a buttload.” When Microsoft gives these piracy-prone students the option to upgrade legitimately for a price that, in the long run, might as well be free, they might entice a good percent to avoid either the risks involved in illicit file-shareing or the ethical dilemma of stealing.

My personal dilemma is actually whether I want to bother with upgrading at all. I have XP installed on a relatively small Boot Camp partition (46 GB) and use it mainly for gaming and engineering programs. I would like to know if 7 did a similar thing to OS X 10.6 in saving disk usage. Also, to upgrade from XP to 7, I’d have to do a full backup, wipe, install, restore. Do I really want to trade the hassle of installing and the disk space for a small performance boost and interface changes that I probably won’t like anyway? I’ll have to think on this one, but I might still end up buying 7 while this offer still lasts and maybe installing it down the line.

Read full story on Windows 7 Student pricing.

Or read it on Macrumors.


Written by Drew Wellman

09/18/2009 at 11:48 AM

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