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Sequels that suck

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Been a while since one of these. As usual, if you disagree, you are wrong.
  1. Star Wars Prequels
  2. Two Towers
  3. Halo 3
  4. Spider-Man 3
  5. Batman and Robin
  6. Rocky Balboa
  7. Terminator 3
  8. Pirates 2 and 3
  9. Guitar Hero World Tour
  10. Sonic games made after 1994

New article by me on Hardydev about a crappy game that I hated. Let’s just say I had more fun skewering it than playing it. Another one that, in case you hadn’t already figured out, was an April Fool’s joke.


Written by Drew Wellman

04/08/2010 at 9:54 PM

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