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Dennis led a normal, suburban life until dinosaurs arrived. He was sitting on his couch, watching What About Bob? with his girlfriend, Tammy, when a Brachiosaurus stepped on his car. However, the colossus’s heavy step coincided with the house explosion scene in Dennis’ movie, so he just assumed the noise was caused by a short, random enhancement of his stereo system. It wasn’t until the dinosaur crushed the television in front of him that he started to wet his pants.
“Holy Crap!” he said, simultaneously springing to his feat and grabbing his girlfriend.
Through the new gaping hole in his apartment, Dennis gazed at the legions of terrible lizards destroying the city.
“We’ve got to go!” shouted Tammy as she tugged on her dudefriend’s shirt sleeve.
“You’re right!” Dennis replied. “But where? We could hide in the basement like cowards until a velociraptor inevitably comes down and rips us to shreds or we could take your car and go to Wal-Mart with all the other panicky suburbanites!”

To hide in the basement like a pansy, go to page 2.
To go to Wal-Mart like an American, go to page 3.


Written by Drew Wellman

06/30/2009 at 12:21 AM

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