I'm making a game woooo

by drew

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Dennis weaved right onto Main street, cleverly maneuvering through the legs of a towering Brontosaurus. Somehow, the two lovers reached Maxwell’s house and darted to the door. Seeing a curious utahraptor eyeing them from across the street, they began to pound on Maxwell’s door shouting, “Let us in, let us in!” “Hello? Is someone out there?” rang a voice from inside.
“Yes! It’s your cousin, Dennis! Remember, the one with the couch?”
“Really? How do I know you’re not one of the dinosaurs?”
The utahraptor behind them began to take interest. It began its approach.
Dennis began to perspire. “Of course I’m not one of the dinosaurs! I’m Dennis! Dinosaurs can’t even talk!”
“Oh yeah? Prove it. How do I know you’re not just a dinosaur in disguise?”
Dennis had no answer. The utahraptor accelerated. Tammy chimed in.

What should Tammy say?
“Hey! Maxwell! It’s Dennis’ hot girlfriend, Tammy! You remember me from the Jello party, right?” – Page 6
“If you reach deep down in the most inner chasms of your heart, you’ll come to realize that there’s no denying that letting us in your house is the right thing to do. Do it now and never look back.” – Page 8


Written by Drew Wellman

06/30/2009 at 12:24 AM

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