I'm making a game woooo

by drew

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Dennis veered down the stairway into the subway like he was in a sandbox crime game, narrowly avoiding a perturbed Triceratops. After several miles underground, the duo neared the river that separated the city from well defended and secure military base on the other side. And with equally convenient timing, Tammy’s car ran out of gas. The two continued on foot under the rushing current ahead and among ominous hissing sounds around until they encountered an electric super hobo.
“Howdy,” said the ESH, with lightning coursing through his hair. “Y’all see them dinosaur things? You better stick with me.”
“I don’t know about this, honey,” whispered Tammy. “I don’t think I trust this guy. Who’s to say he won’t molest us or poke out out eyes with electricity? Plus he could be working for the dinosaurs.”
“I feel oppositely. I think we should team up with him. I’m getting a really good vibe from him, but that could just be his electromagnetic forcefield.”

To team up with electric super hobo, go to page 7.

To team up not with the electric super hobo, go to page 9.


Written by Drew Wellman

06/30/2009 at 12:26 AM

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